Ababil Islamic Window

Ababil Islamic Window is a solution for the conventional banks with Islamic Window. This solution provides fully efficient Shariah compliant modules which are essential to run an Islamic banking window.

With the aim to fulfil our obligation towards Islamic finance industry, Millennium Information solution Ltd (MISL) has a mission to access all areas of Islamic finance. Keeping that in mind, Ababil Islamic Window was introduced in order to help steer the conventional banks in grabbing new business opportunities which will lead to an expansion of potential customers and maximizing investments while being Shariah compliant at the same time.

Ababil Islamic Window is a vital choice for the conventional banking clients as this solution gives them the opportunity to maintain a separate Islamic banking module along with their existing conventional solution. The solution provides various Retail and Corporate banking operations and caters mainly for Islamic deposit and financing, trade finance, treasury management, etc. all are which fully Shariah compliant.

Ababil Islamic Window is mostly deployed in Hybrid branches, which are conventional banks with Islamic window where Islamic and conventional deposits are combined and are segregated through product codes. The solution is made especially to serve the needs of window banking operations by following Shariah guidelines.

With continuous expansion of Islamic finance industry, there has been an ever increase in demand for various Islamic banking products and services. MISL vows to help financial institutions interested in the field of Islamic banking and finance to reach their goals by being fully Shariah compliant.