MTB launches Islamic Window Yaqeen powered by Ababil NG

MISL Press Center | May 12, 2021

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

Alhamdulillah, The Islamic Banking Window of Mutual Trust Bank Limited (MTB), MTB Yaqeen has been officially inaugurated on May 12, 2021. The launching program was held at a virtual meeting in the presence of their Board of Directors including Independent Director and Chairman, MTB Board Audit Committee, Ms Nasreen Sattar, Managing Director & CEO Syed Mahbubur Rahman, AMD & CBO Syed Rafiqul Haq, AMD & GCRO Chowdhury Akhtar Asif, DMD & GHICC Goutam Prosad Das, DMD & COO Tarek Reaz Khan, DMD & CAMLCO Rais Uddin Ahmad, Head of Islamic Banking Md Afzalul Islam and Head of Communications Azam Khan. MTB Shariah Supervisory Committee Chairman Sheikh Kamaluddin Abdullah Zafree and Member Shah Wali Ullah also were present.

The launching program was also attended by Dr. Sofiza Azmi, Managing Director of Cambridge Financial Advisory Limited and Mr. Mahmud Hossain, MD & CEO of Millennium Information Solution Limited who are the Islamic Banking System provider to MTBL.

MTB Yaqeen creates an opportunity for all customers to avail Shariah compliant, interest free Banking services from one of the trusted Banking houses in the country. Through MTB Yaqeen, MTBL will be able to provide Islamic Retail Banking and Agent Banking services to its clients.

MTB Yaqeen runs on the Shariah certified and internationally acclaimed Ababil NG system which is developed and implemented by Millennium Information Solution, a home grown - pure play Islamic solutions provider dedicated to upholding social equity and justice through incubating the amazing local talents and enabling them on a global scale. The entire project was implemented at a speedy pace despite the numerous challenges and workloads aggravated by the ongoing global pandemic.

The speakers expressed their appeasement on the launch of Islamic Banking through MTB Yaqeen while emphasizing the significance of Shariah based Interest free banking and its increasing demand in Bangladesh, terming this market as a sleeping giant about to rise. The program ended with a prayer session wishing the success of MTB Yaqeen and on a broader scale, the Islamic Banking & Finance industry in Bangladesh and across the globe.