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  Success Stories
Within one and a half-year, starting from the first deal, Millennium has become the most trusted technology partner of Empact Solutions.
Empact Solutions Inc. - A New York based company and leading provider of independent Service Quality Intelligence.
EyeQ - Empact Solutions Inc. A New York based company and leading provider of independent Service Quality Intelligence.
The Story

The relationship started as a quality assurance project with Empact Solutions, a New York based leading provider of independent Service Quality Intelligence. This small project culminated into a long-standing relationship where Millennium now manages most of Empact’s GUI development, all of the data warehousing architecture/development, and all of the quality assurance. Within one and half year, by repeatedly delivering on or before schedule and by exceeding expectations, Millennium has moved from being the small team executing on testing tasks to being a trusted technology partner.

Our reasons to success
1. Our unwavering commitment to deliver the product on time and with high quality.The team would maintain US business hours for weeks with an 11-hour time difference from Bangladesh.
2. Millennium team had gone beyond the call of duty to acquire domain knowledge of Empact's business though only minimal domain knowledge was required for system testing.This allowed Millennium to:

Alert the Empact team of potential design flaws Given Millennium's software design expertise coupled with the newly acquired domain knowledge, the Empact team was able to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes in the product.
  b. Help re-architect and redesign several key components of the product shortly after the first release in a point release.
3. Our core expertise in object oriented analysis and design, and J2EE technologies encouraged and convinced Empact to move from proprietary technologies to more open standards based technologies. The result was complete rearchitecting and reimplementation of the product.
4. We always maintain a secondary resource behind a primary resource so that project schedule never slips even in the event of primary resource becoming unavailable for any reason.
5. Our 7x24 technology inftastructure, which virtually guarantees seamless operation and integration with remote environments of customers.
6. Our mature Quality Management System (QMS) assures on time, within budget, high quality deliveries. Template driven plans at every step of the project life cycle, combined with continuous risk management, make project milestones predictable.
7. Our development team's superior ability to quickly acquire new domain knowledge and technology expertise.
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