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Millennium opens up its USA operations
August 11, 2005

Over last few years, Millennium has been successfully representing Bangladesh in overseas software outsourcing market. The company has a large portion of its clientele from USA. As part of its continuous success in software export, Millennium is pleased to announce the start up of its US operation starting from August 15, 2005. Mr. Shaheen Hossain, Principal & Director of Millennium will be heading Millennium US operation. Mr. Hossain has 18 years of experience of working and doing business in USA.

"Millennium may encourage US software firms to come to Bangladesh for outsourcing purposes through the step," Mahmud Hossain, chief executive officer of the firm, said yesterday at a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters Unity auditorium.

"Primarily we have targeted such small and medium software companies in the USA, which are aggressively looking forward to low cost outsourcing," Hossain added.

As the country is not still included on the world's information technology map, leading global software-outsourcing firms feel less interest in Bangladesh, Hossain said.

He said the company's main objective behind setting up the kiosk at New York is to familiarize Bangladesh in the world's IT market.

From now on, Millennim will be able to give closer and dedicated attention to its US customers through its US operation. It will greatly help the company in speeding up USA market development process.

Millennium hopes that this endeavor will help promote Bangladesh as a trusted software-outsourcing destination to the US community. This will also help bridge the gap between non-residential Bangladeshi (NRB) IT experts and local software entrepreneurs. We know many NRBs who want to promote Bangladeshi software industry, but since there is no support or branch office of any of the Bangladeshi software companies in USA, they are backing off. This will also give a tremendous boost and courage to local software entrepreneurs.
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